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Inspired by the clean, crisp freshness of laundry dried by the cool Spring air and brushed with the sun’s lingering warmth. Introducing our newest fragrance from CLEAN CLASSIC- Soft Laundry.

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We’ve created our very own vegan skincare system! CLEAN RESERVE Buriti Balancing Cleanser and CLEAN RESERVE Buriti Soothing Moisturizer are the latest products khổng lồ join our CLEAN RESERVE line, và we’re sure you have questions about them. Read on khổng lồ find out more.

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We put safety first, are mindful of the planet and tap the finest perfumers around the world lớn bring you beautiful fragrances. It’s been part of our green ethos since we started — always has been, always will be.

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Each and every fragrance is formulated with the finest ingredients. Whether it’s sustainably sourced or tried-and-true synthetics—we’re proud khổng lồ say we always put you and the environment first. & we never chạy thử on animals. That’s our promise.

“For perfume addicts who are also ecologically minded, Clean Reserve makes sustainable fragrances that you can layer & mix to create unique scents in your home”

"Clean Reserve scents are luxurious and unique, & their bottles not only look chic, but are 100 percent recyclable, which is very rare for a perfume brand. My favourite is Rain , which is super fresh and clean."

“Whether male, female, or somewhere in the magical space between, Clean Reserve’s cotton scented perfume will make you smell so fresh và clean, you’ll want khổng lồ sniff yourself, và your SO, all day long!”

"For Hemp & Ginger, the unusual blend of sustainable notes of cardamom, sichuan pepper & elemi create a sweet & spicy eau that’s incredibly unique & intoxicating."

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