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The Book of the Duchess is the first major work of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer (l. C. 1343-1400 CE), best known for his masterpiece The Canterbury Tales, composed in the last twelve years of his life & left unfinished at his death...

Diogenes of Sinope (c. 404-323 BCE) was a Greek Cynic philosopher best known for holding a lantern to the faces of the citizens of Athens claiming he was searching for an honest man. He was most likely a student of the philosopher Antisthenes...

The Qingming Festival is held one hundred & four days after the winter solstice, và is known as the ‘pure bright festival’, ‘tomb-sweeping day’ & ‘ancestors day’. For over 2,500 years, this festival has been a day for Chinese people...

Martin Luther"s 95 Theses of 31 October 1517, although they have since come to represent the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, were not written to lớn challenge the authority of the Roman Catholic Church but were simply an invitation to...

The dog as "man"s best friend" has a long history going back khổng lồ the ages long before the civilization of ancient Egypt was established but the Egyptians were among the earliest people khổng lồ recognize the value of the dog and show their appreciation...
Cú Chulainn (pron. Koo-kul-in), also Cúchulainn, is one of the greatest heroes of Irish-Celtic mythology, particularly the Ulster Cycle. The son of another cultural hero-figure, Lugh, Cú Chulainn is a mighty warrior whose weapon is Gáe Bolga...
Empress Wu Zetian (Empress Consort Wu, Wu Hou, Wu Mei Niang, Mei-Niang, và Wu Zhao, l. 624-705 CE, r. 690-704 CE) was the only female emperor of Imperial China. She reigned during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) & was one of the most effective...
The Huns were a nomadic tribe prominent in the 4th and 5th century CE whose origin is unknown but, most likely, they came from "somewhere between the eastern edge of the Altai Mountains and the Caspian Sea, roughly modern Kazakhstan"...
The War of the Eight Princes (291-306 CE) is the conflict which weakened và finally ended the Western Jin Dynasty (266-316 CE) in đài loan trung quốc and resulted in more far-reaching consequences throughout the country. The power nguồn of the Sima family was...
Throughout ancient Korea"s history Buddhist monks were a particularly important element of state và religious affairs. From the 4th century CE onwards, in the Three Kingdoms period, they were members of a select section of society which...

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Our MissionOur mission is khổng lồ engage people with cultural heritage & to improve history education worldwide.

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