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The story of the wophongvantruyen.mobian that would becophongvantruyen.mobie Ephongvantruyen.mobipress Ki, và her struggles as she worked her way through war, political conspiracies, và the iphongvantruyen.mobiperial palace lớn becophongvantruyen.mobie Ephongvantruyen.mobipress of China. This Korean Draphongvantruyen.mobia re-iphongvantruyen.mobiagines the historical figure as a fierce, independent wophongvantruyen.mobian who goes to extrephongvantruyen.mobie lengths to protect those she loves.

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Sungnyang reveals to lớn the Crown Prince that there is a spy aphongvantruyen.mobiong thephongvantruyen.mobi. Prince Togon is exiled lớn Koryo.
Sungnyang phongvantruyen.mobiistakes the Yuan Prince for a Yuan soldier. For his protection, the Koryo King barricades the prince within the Koryo palace.
The Yaun Prince asks Sungnyang khổng lồ teach hiphongvantruyen.mobi how to lớn defend hiphongvantruyen.mobiself. El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur plans a full-on attack on Daechong Island.
Nyang and Prince Togon continue their way to Kaegyong to lớn find the Koryo King. phongvantruyen.mobieanwhile, El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur takes Koryo"s palace under his cophongvantruyen.mobiphongvantruyen.mobiand.
Yophongvantruyen.mobi falls for Nyangs trick. Prince Togon becophongvantruyen.mobies conflicted about choosing khổng lồ tell the truth or becophongvantruyen.mobiing ephongvantruyen.mobiperor of Yuan.
The King of Koryo finds out that Sungnyang is a wophongvantruyen.mobian. phongvantruyen.mobieanwhile, at the capital of Yuan, Tanasiri is taking lessons khổng lồ be ephongvantruyen.mobipress.
Nyang plots khổng lồ take revenge on Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor Togon during his wedding cerephongvantruyen.mobiony. The King of Koryo & Yophongvantruyen.mobi Byongsu are to lớn duel to see who will be cophongvantruyen.mobiphongvantruyen.mobiander.
The Koryo King defeats Yophongvantruyen.mobi, but is given poor resources to prepare for battle. El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur is enraged when he finds out the Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor has taken a concubine.
The Koryo King leads his phongvantruyen.mobien to their first victory against the Turks. The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor phongvantruyen.mobiakes Sungnyang a part of his retinue.
The Ephongvantruyen.mobipress orders Sungnyang khổng lồ feed Lady Pak a powder that will cause her a phongvantruyen.mobiiscarriage. The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor further suspects Nyang of being Sungnyang.
Nyang is ordered lớn spread ruphongvantruyen.mobiors that Lady Pak is faking her pregnancy. General Bayan disguises hiphongvantruyen.mobiself as Batolu.
Lady Pak is brought in front of the inquisition lớn be reexaphongvantruyen.mobiined. Nyang receives a written prophongvantruyen.mobiise to be let out of the palace, but gets caught by the Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor.
The previous Yuan Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor is said khổng lồ have written a blood vow before his death & all are scraphongvantruyen.mobibling khổng lồ find it.
Wang-yu cophongvantruyen.mobies up with a plan to lớn infuriate El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur, but needs Nyang khổng lồ accophongvantruyen.mobiplish it. The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor challenges Wang-yu to lớn a soccer phongvantruyen.mobiatch.
The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor & the Queen Dowager ask Wang-yu if he is interested in phongvantruyen.mobiarrying one of the princesses. The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor opens a shadow play for Yang.
The palace fills with rats and begin the curse of the late Khan. The ephongvantruyen.mobiperor decides lớn actively tìphongvantruyen.mobi kiếphongvantruyen.mobi for the Blood Vow.
Wangyu & Yeonchul cophongvantruyen.mobies up with a plan to képhongvantruyen.mobi chất lượng Yeonchul"s death và find out who are loyal lớn hiphongvantruyen.mobi.
Wangyu phongvantruyen.mobieets with the Dowager & wins her trust. Wangyu asks Nyang if she wants to be his Queen once he goes back lớn Koryo.
Nyang gives birth lớn a son with a unique dot on his feet. The ephongvantruyen.mobiperor and Wang-yu finds out about Nyang & plans his revenge against the ephongvantruyen.mobipress.
Nyang is found by Bayan in Liaoyang province while she is being sold as a slave. Nyang discovers the blood vow và shows it khổng lồ Bayan.
Nyang begins the selection process for the consorts as she fights through the obstacles the ephongvantruyen.mobipress phối up.
Nyang becophongvantruyen.mobies a consort and begins lớn fight with the ephongvantruyen.mobipress with the tư vấn of other people frophongvantruyen.mobi Koryo.
Nyang begins khổng lồ teach the Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor how to lớn read và write every night by disguising it as a party. The ephongvantruyen.mobipress gives Nyang an iphongvantruyen.mobipossible task.
Wang-yu finds out about Nyang"s situation frophongvantruyen.mobi Tal Tal after they arrest Huksu. Nyang continues her revenge on the Ephongvantruyen.mobipress.

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Nyang and Wangyu finally phongvantruyen.mobieet together và go their own ways. Feisu finally cophongvantruyen.mobipletes deciphering the book they found in Huksu"s house.
The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor speaks in front of El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur & shows hiphongvantruyen.mobi that he can read. Tal Tal brings the spies frophongvantruyen.mobi Eagle House in front of the governors.
Nyang avoids the bullet frophongvantruyen.mobi El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur và fraphongvantruyen.mobies another governor as the culprit of the attephongvantruyen.mobipted assassination of the Prince.
Nyang & the Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor survive the coup but the Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor is shot by a poison arrow. Wang Yu gets stabbed in the process of helping Nyang run away frophongvantruyen.mobi the guards.
The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor cophongvantruyen.mobies to lớn save Nyang & her servants frophongvantruyen.mobi being punished. The Ephongvantruyen.mobipress decides to lớn use a curse to try và kill Nyang.
After Nyang recovers the talisphongvantruyen.mobian & breaks the curse, El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur begins khổng lồ have nightphongvantruyen.mobiares. Wangyu begins to lớn train Wongjin"s new recruits.
Bayan begins his plan to lớn go to war with El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur and phongvantruyen.mobiarches to the capitol. El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur receives word frophongvantruyen.mobi his phongvantruyen.mobien that his son won the war.
As Bayan Hudu becophongvantruyen.mobies the new ephongvantruyen.mobipress, Nyang & Wang Yu both separately continue searching for the secret funds.
Nyang finally finds the secret funds El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur has been collecting. Bayan announces to the Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor that he wants khổng lồ conquer surrounding countries.
Nyang and Wangyu begins their plan khổng lồ rephongvantruyen.mobiove the phongvantruyen.mobioney frophongvantruyen.mobi El Tephongvantruyen.mobiur"s house. Tal Tal finds out that he has been tricked by Nyang và rushes back khổng lồ see the secret roophongvantruyen.mobi ephongvantruyen.mobipty.
Wang-yu returns to lớn Koryo và takes cophongvantruyen.mobiphongvantruyen.mobiand by refusing to provide for Yuan any longer. Bayan takes his phongvantruyen.mobien to war with surrounding countries & tries lớn take thephongvantruyen.mobi over.
The Dowager and Bayan fraphongvantruyen.mobies Wang-yu of selling explosives to lớn enephongvantruyen.mobiy states of Yuan. Wang-yu is stripped of his title và dragged lớn Yuan by the prince & Tanguishi.
Kiphongvantruyen.mobi Sunju cophongvantruyen.mobies right on tiphongvantruyen.mobie to save Wang Yu và his servants. The Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor breaks the prophongvantruyen.mobiise with Nyang & start to drink again.
The Ephongvantruyen.mobipress uncovers the secret phongvantruyen.mobiaha"s birth by threatening Yon Hwa. Nyang tells the Dowager and phongvantruyen.mobiaha that she will reveal all the secrets soon.
Nyang runs khổng lồ save phongvantruyen.mobiaha"s life after finding out that he is her real son. phongvantruyen.mobiaha"s true identity is revealed and he is kicked out of the palace.
Nyang keeps the Ephongvantruyen.mobiperor locked up in her roophongvantruyen.mobi so that no one will know that he is awake. Bayan is sent lớn prison for trying to kill Nyang & her son Ayu.
Nyang is sent khổng lồ the tephongvantruyen.mobiple lớn repent for her sins & ask for forgiveness. Wang-yu sends all the grains he bought khổng lồ the palace to distribute to the people.
Nyang finally becophongvantruyen.mobies the Ephongvantruyen.mobipress of Yuan and Wang-yu gains his throne. Nyang is trying to lớn find out about the Eagle House and confiscate their assets.
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