How To Tell If Your Adidas Yeezy 350 Boosts Are Real Or Fake

There's no hotter sneaker on the market right now than the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost. Kanye West's latest design officially released in late-June, instantly sold out and is re-selling for no less than 5 times the retail price.

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Before Kanye inked a giảm giá with adidas, sneakerheads didn't have much to lớn be concerned with when it came to lớn counterfeit 3-Stripe branded product. But that all changed with Yeezys, & the 350 is one of the most reproduced adidas shoes to lớn date.

Below is a step-by-step guide to assist you in seeing the differences between an authentic pair & a knockoff, broken down by



Fake Education: "First, in the highlighted green area, you see on the unauthorized pair the heel-tab is placed a lot further away from the ankle collar."

Toe Stitching


Fake Education: "The black stitching pattern going up the middle from the midsole on the unauthorized is just a disaster. On the retail real pair, you can see that there is a clear pattern that looks like an "X" & then a square — and it repeats."



Fake Education: "The writing on the insole of the unauthorized is white, which is incorrect.

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It's black on the real pair. Also, the wording runs in the opposite direction on the unauthorized."

Bottom of the Insoles


Fake Education: "The underside of the insoles are completely different on the unauthorized."



Fake Education: "The 'YZY' is massive on the unauthorized. The fonts is tremendously larger. Easy to lớn spot."



Fake Education: "The adidas biểu tượng logo is super-sized on the unauthorized."

Size Tag


Fake Education: "Inside size tag says 'Sample' on the unauthorized, which is incorrect."



Fake Education: "When you remove the insoles, this is what you see. Notice the retail pair has a đen strip going thru the middle, while the unauthorized has exposed stitching."

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